Twelve Golden Calves

1. Caged Words

Barbequed veal
poor excuse for a meal
that your rabbi will bless
with a loophole, no less

When words become gods
granted power to bind
Beauty is slaughtered
behind fences confined

2. Services

Standing in Rockports®
my Jew feet still ache
duped by the branding
Where is the comfort
as I bow in this game
of praising Your Name

3. Oscar’s Date

Did you ever feel the eyes
of an admirer
tickling the back of your head?

No wonder Oscar’s date is in a giddy fit
stripped naked for massage
by a million million focused twiddly orbs
gawking while she giggles
on the pedestal divine

4. Computer

This machine is an Apple
with a bite
My eyes are burning
in the light
infiNet by click of digit
Oh, Your Power in this Widget
all for $19.95 a month

5. Rock Stars

To a million million worshippers of
Beatles, Stones and other bands
The Stars do Rock
God Incarnate
We bow down low
The Fans

6. Me

When I was high and paranoid
with all the Answers in my head
Then You were Me and I the One
Living God
You were Dead

7. Movies

Cinematic molten calves
Ease eyes
bring ohhhs and ooze
the tears and fears that tease
More please
We all Do Bow Down Low
for Thees

8. Television

Oh plasto-box with glowing screen
electro-guts and cable link
Marcia Brady, Elmo, Barney
Wolf Blitzer, and Game Show Wink
My eye at You
Forever true
Tuned into God
on Channel 2

9. Professor

Your beard was full of knowledge crumbs
That spilled from your mouth in a lonely feast
unintelligible to anyone standing beyond the edge of your field
Your breath reeked in the stench of self love
Master of your Universe
Baiter of hooks
designed to snare a wide eyed co-ed
and reel her up to your academic tower
where she would nibble the scraps from your lips
With dreams of publication in your Book of Life

10. Genetic Engineer

Corn puffs infused with salamander skin
dipped in guaca-pollywog
with a side of worm crossed pear
Tomorrow’s menu served today
Chef JuggleGene, extraordinaire
Surpassing God, Oh Servant,
“There’s fly in my soup
with curly green hair!”

11. Goddess

Systolic pressure drops
vacuum sucks my breath away
heart shrivels in the fumes of pheromonic force
I do not choose to turn my head
but this Image tempts me from my course

Merely a Symbolic Frolic?
ruled by God’s Design

What can I do but drop and kneel
taken hostage by her sex appeal

No doctor, guru, pills or salves
can repel the Goddess
with the golden calves.

12. Flight

All you Idols
hound and peck, mock and tempt
as if I’d always break
And until now
perhaps I have
But here I burn you at the stake

You melt away like dying snow
your toxic smoke dissolves in breath
released in speech of your demise
my Phoenix rise upon your death

One True God
looms beyond
this tapestry of words in flight

weaving in and out of meaning
I ascend into Your Light.

Tears of Light  (Mind Dust II)

Like particles of dust trapped in a room
whirling through a window filtered sunbeam
So the shimmering souls descend from the heavens
in a spiraling ballet of witness borne.

And with the projected reflection of this Angelic Spectacle,
God is weeping Tears of Light
into a world drenched with the sobs of the suffering.

And with this prayer of Remembrance
Let the purest Light of Martyred Souls
be refracted through the flood of teardrops
into the light of the Covenant Rainbow:

“Baruch Atah Adonai, Elohenu Melech HaOlam,
Zachor, Zachor, Zachor”

 “Bless You God,  Soverign of the Universe,
Remember, Remember, Remember.”

For my God, my Self, and my People.

Lost and Found  

Wishes of my soul.
Falling in a hole

floating with a special friend
and dreaming of the end

falling towards the giving light
getting lost deep in the night
losing ground for fear of fright
I'm falling falling out of sight

You were there right by my side
and I was cold and scared
the evil evil murdered us
we cried - nobody cared.

The angel sang a garden song
and told us of the world to come
the other mother yelled at him
and said, "Where are you from?"
He only forced a dreadful smile
and spoke thinly through his lips,
"I am from a world of light
not this hell of guns and whips.
These children need to hear my song
for their souls will soon depart
this living nightmare of our minds
shall not outlive the human heart.
And the day will come when pure souls of youth
robbed of the suns loving rays
will return in force to guide the course
of life at the end of days."

So it seems we've drawn a special lot
and the choice is ours to make
will we live our lives in vain
or project to the wide eyed what's at stake

If you find yourself lost in these words of soul
and wondering if you're really here
Believe that you are because I am here too
and I know we have nothing to fear.

It's all about the world to come
and it seems that the dawn has now broken the night.
Wake up! wake up! wake up! reborn friends
Remember the covenant, the train, and the light.

Angel Game

Angel game
at whose expense?
Beyond sense.
No recompense.

Destined for eternal burn?
in Love and peace to live
I yearn
for Holy life of servitude
I search for
light and cease to brood

Land of shadows
dark of night
dream of worlds to be,
Calling an internal light
to help us find the key.

And I implored the Lord
Sitting all alone
upon the heavenly throne

Be not lonely any more
Come down to Earth like years before
Bring the Garden to the Land
through your blessed, forgiving hand.
Redeem the low and high the same
So all will praise your loving name
In form through light or man or dove
call all beings to your love
So on that day of witness bourne
all shall live to pray and mourn
For time and lives lived out in vain
devoid of rhyme or reason
The time has dawned, the fertile rain
ushers in a change of season

Stemming from the heart and mind
Self reflection - One as Source
Respect and honor life of soul
Dance with the eternal force.

Reflections on the Binding of Light

The light shines forth from holy letters
into my eyes
it fills the well of my soul
the Matter of my Being dissolves away
and that which was I
is Light

The nature of light is to scatter
in waves and particles
to flee
But leather straps and a curtain of holiness

that which was I
into a pulsating concentration of primordial light,
the Creator’s Heart

And I return

Yet this form is ephemeral
organ lacking organism

a broken vessel

I seek a Way
to hold the light
A medium
A structure
a worthy tested vessel 

My eyes illuminate the letters on the page

Bind my heart to Your words of light
So I may beat as One
with Your Heart
in love
in awe.

Vhaer einenu b’toratecha, v’dabek libenu b’mitzvotecha
V’ached l’vavenu, l’ahava ulyira et shemecha.

Enlighten  our eyes in Your Torah that we may cling to Your commandments.
Unite our hearts to love and respect Your name.

Rendered Man

Oh blessed is this cursed life
that fills my soul with utter strife
flowing from my severed vein
to spill upon the barren plane
and soak the dust that rendered man

An Image of Creative play
In rest upon the seventh day
I yearn to look upon Your face
And burn the book Eternal Grace
ascend in smoke as rendered man






Crumbling Hearts  

- 3/15/11  After the  Japan earthquake and Tsunami

Every once in a while, I carelesslessly step on half a beetle or a snail
and cringe at the suffering
and stomp it out of its misery
grieve for half a moment
and on my way

If I were God who loved creation
how much longer could my crumbling heart keep beating
until I let my foot slam

And here it came down across the sea
and now waves of grief are heavy in the world

but we are too clever and too many
and before God can put us out of his misery
we offer a humble prayer
a gesture of humanity
a sacrifice of soul
a song
a tear
a poem

we hold the pieces of God's crumbling heart in our hands
shards break off
and fall between our fingers
and away
but God's heart beats on
and God's hands hold our hearts
as they crumble away.

Memory Candles

We kindle Memory candles
to bring light
into a world
often dark

This act of creation
mimics life

Burning pride
In glory stance
In Mind on Matter
Shadows dance


To be snuffed out by the wind
of breath
Or burn potential
and flicker to a smoky end?

Slow fuses
towards extinction
We and Candles

To Satisfy The Fates

I know I need some exercise
to hold myself together strong
In lieu I whither, weep and whine
and contemplate the throng
of fans and cats and fleas and gnats
that swarm beyond my gates
in search of skin adorned in fur
to satisfy the fates

To bite eternal rotten fruits
whose stink inspires the lyres and lutes
of deathless poets read by few
today enfleshed within a Jew
Whose folly won the bet that cast
the souls of Christ and Blake and Yeats
within my heart they suffer on
to satisfy the fates.

B'Shaah Tovah  (In a Good Hour)


The universe is a soul factory
a collective womb

Earth is an embryo
readying for birth

all life
all that was
all that will be until the great Birth
is imprinted into the soul
of the One to be Born

Billions of years of evolution
billions of human souls
loved and lost
neglected and cherished
mourned and cursed
forgotten and missed
all of our efforts
all of our experiences
all of our thoughts
since we bubbled in a boiling pond

All for the life of One new Child

The reason our minds are infinite is that each one of us
is the product of an eternity

It is said that in the womb the growing baby knows All
and then when she passes into the light of this world
an angel’s kiss erases the memory and the knowledge

It is said that we choose our parents before our birth
That we are born into this or that life
for some Reason

Perhaps our placement is dependent upon what we sow as a civilization?

Sometimes I wonder if I might be like Nachshon
the first to say “follow me”
into the sea

on the other side
we will know the freedom
and dependency of infancy

may our collective effort
merit loving parents
and a world of hope and joy.



Rachel's Well

Let us meet at Rachel's Well 
where holy love was born
on wings of water let us rise
from depths of loss beyond all words of hope

Let us meet at Rachel's Well
to let the waters flow
and slake the thirst of those whose desperate prayers
moved God
to call upon an angel lamb
in service of his Will.

I read this story about a little girl named Rachel Beckwith who asked her friends and family to donate money to bring water to African villages through charitywater instead of giving her a present for her 9th birthday. She was killed in a traffic accident before she had reached her goal of raising $300. Her story moved me to tears and I wrote this poem.

Holy Tears

for Madonna Badger, Matthew Badger and Michael Borcina


We look in on your tragedy
trying to make sense as if it was our own
The "if onlys" spiraling into smoky, blazing chaos...



Christmas Eve
Stockings over the fireplace
A late night of final preparations 
towards the Perfect Christmas Morning


A well intentioned deed

to discard the remnants of the Yule log
before bed


but amidst the ashes 
an ember
a rushing wind
and Resurrection
of the flame that still burns within


And Here,
the owner of Tiberias Construction*,
remember the Carpenter from Galilee
who tried to save the children


and Here,
the Santa with a real white beard
who fell through the roof
trying to save Grace
and Lily of the Valley
and Sarah our Mother


And who can hear their holy names
and not see Angels?


and Here,
renowned for fashioning the Image of God
lost Everything


From where will she draw the strength to go on?
When all the world is lost?


whose eternal tears stream from paintings and sculptures 
and the clouds 




An old Hasidic tale relates that God created humankind because God loves stories


Sometimes we forget that amidst the fantasies and comedies 
lie the tragedies


Sometimes we forget that amidst the dust and ashes 
lie the embers


We who uplift and defile the Image of God
in ourselves and in others
are but dust and ashes 


and holy stories are the wind


May the wind, 
the spirit of all flesh, 
resurrect within us a loving flame
to honor the memory of the lost
and to bless the holy tears of Madonna


From the traditional Hebrew liturgy:
Nishmat kol chai t'varech et shimcha Adonai Eloheinu, 
v'ruach kol basar t'faer utromem zichr'cha malkeinu tamid
May the soul, the breath of every living being bless Your Name, our God;
May the wind, the spirit of all flesh, praise you always our King.